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4 Tips for Moving With Pets

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We all know our pets are an essential part of our family but sometimes a move can be a little stressful on our four-legged friends. Here are 4 tips on how to make your move a little easier for our furry little buddies. 

Tip #1: Drive your pet to your new home: It may really help your pet if you’re driving them to your new home in your car. Maybe you’re moving around the corner or maybe you’re moving across the country. Either way, your pet would highly appreciate being close to you during a stressful time so that they feel safe as well as they will have more opportunities for bathroom breaks.

Tip #2: Sometimes your pet can become overwhelmed by all of the changes and commotion going on in your home when you and/or you’re moving company is packing everything up. To help your little pal stay calm, try keeping them away from the commotion whether it’s at a friend’s house or in a quiet room away from all of the noise.

Tip #3: Update your pets ID info. As your pet becomes acclimated with their new surroundings they may be at a higher risk for wandering off and getting lost. Be patient with your pet while they get adjusted and make sure to update their identification tag so that in the event they accidentally wander off, they’ll be able to be returned to your new home.

Tip #4: Pack an overnight bag for your pet. We recommend packing an “essentials” bag for your move. This will include your pets grooming tools, food, toys, and whatever else you feel will make your animal more comfortable during the move. It will take time for them to adjust to a few comfort items can go a long way.

Moving seems like a lot of work and that’s because it is but that’s why we’re here. Hire a professional moving company like O’Malley’s Moving Company to do all of the heavy liftings for you. Your friends and back will thank you and your pet will appreciate you being more available to console them during the move.

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