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9 Incredible Useful Packing Hacks For Moving

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Moving home is an incredibly exciting time in your life, but it can be extremely stressful too – especially when it comes to packing!

Solid preparation is the key to success, and these 9 tips and tricks will put you on the road to success.

  1. Pack early: There will be an array of different tasks to juggle when moving day approaches and arrives. Stay on top of the packing in advance, and the whole process will seem smoother.
  2. Declutter: Moving home is the perfect time to rid yourself of junk and unwanted goods. It can raise some funds, and will mean you have fewer items to pack ahead of the move!
  3. Think logical: Pack the guest room first as you won’t need it. Then think about the dining spaces and other areas that you could work around. Leave the most important rooms until last.
  4. Monitor weight: When packing boxes, do not forget that someone will need to lift them. Even if it means using more boxes, preventing injuries is essential.
  5. Fill the boxes: Using newspaper, bubble wrap, and old clothes to fill the gaps is vital as it will stop delicate items from moving around and becoming damaged.
  6. Tape carefully: Heavy duty tape can be used to shut cardboard boxes. Moreover, it can be used to provide support to the bottom of the boxes that hold heavier items.
  7. Stack by weight: The heavy boxes should be at the bottom to prevent the risk of crushing lighter boxes and the delicate items inside.
  8. Label boxes: All boxes should be labeled with the main items that are inside, as well as the room. This will make the unpacking process far easier.
  9. Record everything: Making an inventory of the items packed and checking off items at both ends of the journey will pay dividends. Aside from stopping errors, it’ll put your mind at ease.1

As long as you’re organized, packing is quite easy. For the harder challenges, though, you can rely on O’Malleys Moving Company the most professional movers!

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