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Is There A “Best” Time To Move?

Is There A “Best” Time To Move

Sometimes, you don’t have the opportunity to pick the perfect moving date. Changing careers and other life events can sometimes require you to move quickly to be in your new location by a specific date. However, you may still have some freedom regarding selecting your moving date for other types of moves, and even rushed moves might allow you to have control over which day of the week they happen. Although many people prefer the summer for moving, your best time depends upon several key factors that could make a different time of the year better for fitting your plans.

Explore the Benefits of Each Season

The summer naturally offers the benefit of great weather, the heat can present a challenge. Families also tend to prefer the summer for moving while their kids are out of school. The spring and fall months tend to come in a close second due to fairly mild weather, but these seasons can also come with the drawback of being rainier. The winter time tends to be less favored among people who are moving, but you could benefit from having less competition for picking a date. Plus, you might enjoy having the extra time from the holidays to set up your cozy new home.

Try to Move On a Weekday

Moving companies in Haverford offer weekend assistance, but you might want to consider moving on a weekday if you have the option available. Since many families prefer to move on the weekend when they have time off of work and school, you could benefit from having an open schedule for picking the perfect date. Choosing to move on a weekday also gives you the whole weekend to unpack and get ready for starting the next week off right in your new location. For the ultimate mid-week move, consider choosing a day that is next to the start of a three-day weekend, which can buy you some extra time for unpacking.

Pick Mid-Month for the Best Rates

Lots of people choose to move to a new residence around the beginning or end of a month due to their leases ending. If you aren’t stuck in a lease, then you might want to plan your moving date for the middle of the month when there is less demand. Since most property management companies offer prorated rent, this is also a great option for new renters who may discover it is easier to find a rental home during the middle of the month when there is less competition.

Plan to Start Early In the Morning

Local moving companies in Villanova like to get an early start, since beginning in the morning could leave you fully unloaded and ready to set up your new place by the afternoon. When you plan your moving date, ask about the typical starting time. Being ready for an early arrival helps you get the most out of each hour of your moving day.

Reserve Your Best Moving Date

Do you have a few preferences regarding when you plan your upcoming move? Let us know which time works best for you, and we’ll help fit you into our schedule.

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