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What To Consider Before Moving From The City To The Suburbs

What To Consider Before Moving From The City To The Suburbs

Moving from the city to the suburbs can be an exciting and important step for many people. Suburbs come with more outdoor activities for the entire family, less traffic, and quieter streets. These things, and many more, can make moving away from the city enticing. However, there are quite a few things to consider before moving.


While suburbs are known for having less congested traffic when compared to large cities, they are also further away from large cities. You may discover that you spend more time commuting to work than if you had stayed in the city. Finding a suburban town with a nearby train station can help you avoid traffic on major highways leading to the city, and make your commute easier. 


Budget will be a big factor in moving from the city to the suburbs, especially if you previously lived in a small house or apartment. The few pieces of furniture it takes to fill an apartment won’t cut it in a larger suburban property. You’ll also have higher energy costs. Before making the move, determine how much you can afford monthly for a larger house. You’ll also want to contact residential moving companies in Montgomery County, PA, to determine the estimated move cost.

Local Schools

If you have children, you know how important it is to consider schools before moving. Just because a school is located in the suburbs does not mean it’s a good school. Touring local schools, speaking with teachers, and asking the administration what extracurricular activities are offered are essential. 

Access To Necessities

It’s essential to consider how close nearby restaurants, stores, and other things are. Most things are within walking distance away when you live in the city. However, that isn’t the case when you live in the suburbs. You’ll want to consider how often you go out to eat or need to run to the grocery store and whether this will be an inconvenience. Your routine will likely change and you will be using your vehicle more often, but there are many delicious restaurants waiting to be discovered in your new suburban town! 


Suburban homes come in all shapes and sizes, with varying bedroom counts, full and half baths, and yard space. Some are significantly larger than homes in the city. When deciding on a house and a neighborhood, consider how much space you’ll need in your new home. 

When you’re ready to leap into suburban life, contact the best moving companies in Conshohocken for help with the big move!

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