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Why You Should Hire Mover When You Are Moving Within The Same County

Why You Should Hire Mover When You Are Moving Within The Same County

Moving locally can be as stressful as if you were to move across the country. Having to deal with packing all your belongings, contacting utility companies, setting up new delivery services, and changing your address with friends and family can be very stressful, even if you are only moving across town. Hiring a moving company is usually considered when making a long-distance move, but working with local movers in Newtown Square can be beneficial.

Continue reading to learn the many benefits associated with hiring a moving company when you are moving within the same county:

What is a Small Move? 

A small move is typically a move from a studio or a one-bedroom apartment to another location nearby. A small move could also include a move within the same city or county. Ultimately, small moves have little belongings needing to be relocated or items being moved a short distance.

Move Items Safely

Working with a professional moving company can help securely pack and safely move your belongings, minimizing the risk of broken items. Even if you rely on a moving company to help you move across town, they have the knowledge and equipment to move your belongings swiftly and safely.

Moving Truck Space

When looking to get a moving truck, we often get one that is too small or too big. Hiring a moving company can ensure you have enough space in the truck. A moving company has more experience in determining how big or small of a truck is needed to haul all your belongings.

No Heavy Lifting

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a moving company for a short-distance move is having someone else do all the heavy lifting for you. Movers are experienced and strong enough to handle moving heavy furniture, move it through hallways and staircases, and can do it all in less time than if you were to do it yourself.

Help with Planning

It doesn’t matter how far you intend to move; hiring a moving company can help you plan your move. Once you hire a moving company, they can help establish a timeline and help with the planning process, including how to move your belongings, vehicles, or anything else that needs to be moved.

Save Time

Movers have the experience and strength to move your items more efficiently, saving time. They can pack the truck faster and use all the available space promptly, often much faster than you can if you were to move as a DIY project.

If you plan to use a moving company to pack your belongings, this can save you time from not having to pack everything. The movers will handle everything, freeing you up to worry about things such as changing your address, scheduling appointments with utility services, and getting excited about your upcoming move.

Equipment and Experience

Moving companies have all the necessary equipment to move your belongings, including trucks, furniture pads, dollies, and more. If you were to move yourself, you would have to rent or purchase these items separately, which can be more expensive than hiring a moving company. Hiring movers also gives you the muscle and experience needed to make your move go smoothly.

Hiring a moving company can provide many benefits, even if your upcoming move is in the same city or county. To learn more, contact O’Malley Moving to schedule a moving service in Plymouth Meeting

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