Antique Moving

We are experts in moving fragile heirlooms and valuable keepsakes.

Some antiques are simply priceless.

And the thought of trusting them into the hands of someone else can be a little unsettling.

At O’Malley Moving Services, we appreciate the finer things in life and truly understand how special these pieces may be to you and your family. That’s exactly why our team of professionals have mastered the art of antique moving.

Whether you’re a gallery, retailer or private owner, rare, historical or expensive antiques can hold significant sentimental value to you.  And these types of items need to be handled differently than other furniture and household belongings.  With over four decades of experience in moving specialty items,  we’ve developed a unique and thorough process for moving antiques, fine art and more.

Through a detailed consultation of your items, we establish the proper method for packing, wrapping, handling and transporting them from your current location to the next. Enwrapping and securing your items in a specialty wrap is a crucial step in the protection process that’s carefully managed by a expert specialty moving supervisor and performed by an experience antique moving crew.  For precious metals and similar materials, these special wraps include acid-free materials, so your belongings are safe no matter how long the journey may be. We also offer specialty crates and packaging for glass, mirrors, pictures and other fragile items.

During transportation, our movers not only drive carefully, but they’ll take the safest, flattest roads for their travels. Through our high-standard of care and attention to detail, your belongings will arrive in the same beautiful, untarnished condition in which they were given to us.

It’s our job to take all the measures necessary to protect your valuables and provide the utmost care and attention whenever they’re in our possession. The same crew that loads your belongings will also unload them at your new home. This helps us promise a high-level of continuity and ensure critical details won’t get lost in translation at any point during the move.

Our team of expert antique movers are not only licensed and insured, but also highly-trained and experienced, so you can feel confident in their packing and moving capabilities. We know how to maneuver invaluable armoires and wardrobes around the tight corners of historic Main Line homes and other unique buildings in Philadelphia and across the country.

Whether an upscale furniture piece or an invaluable family heirloom, if it means a lot to you, then it’s protection means a lot to us. We know that these items are irreplaceable, and you can see it through the care and professionalism we uphold through every step of our antique moving process. Contact us to speak with one of our experts about your specific antique moving needs and how O’Malley Moving Services can help you!

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