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What Belongings Should You Throw Away, Give Away, and Sell Before You Pack?

What Belongings Should You Throw Away, Give Away, and Sell Before You Pack?

Moving has a funny way of making you look at your belongings in a whole new way. Right now, you might be trying to figure out if you want to keep your old college textbooks, or you could be hoping that you can sell your old camping equipment for a decent price. Wherever you are in your move, it helps to follow these general rules of thumb for what to keep and what to toss.

Sell Functional Appliances and Electronic Devices

Depending upon where you are moving to, you might not need your current refrigerator or washer and dryer. If they’re still working well, then there’s no need to let them go to waste. Many people look for used appliances that are easier to fit into their budget. The same goes for old computers and other electronic devices. Getting rid of the ones that you don’t use frees you from having to take care of them during the move.

You might also have a few smaller items that you can sell. If you have a library of books or video games, then you may find a buyer who can help you reduce the bulk of your moving load. People also tend to sell artwork and other valuables that won’t have a place in their new home.

Throw Away Broken Items and Cleaning Supplies

Most likely, you’ve got at least a few pieces of furniture that have seen better days. While your patio furniture might still be somewhat functional, no one will likely want it if it is faded or torn. The same goes for wobbly chairs and scratched tables that can’t be refinished. While you’re tossing out items, give your cabinets and pantry a look.

Local movers in Newtown Square will often tell you to leave liquids out of the moving truck to protect your belongings from leaks and spills. Go ahead and use your cleaning supplies as you prep your home for move-out, but toss them all before you hand over your keys.

Give Away Clothing, Outgrown Toys, and Furniture

Clothing rarely goes for more than a dollar or two at garage sales, but there are always people in need of donations. Pack up your outgrown and gently used clothing to drop off at your location donation center, or you might ask a family member if they need hand-me-downs. The same goes for toys that your kids have outgrown or will no longer play with. Just make sure to encourage them to help with deciding what they want to let go of. Then, carefully think about the furniture that you use. Any unneeded pieces that are still in good condition can go to a new family who is just starting or a loved one who could use an upgrade.

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