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June 15, 20190

Are you planning on moving house soon? Check out these five moving day tips!

Tip #1:  Create A Moving Day To -Do List

If you’re moving house, then there’s a lot of things to remember (and many things to forget). It’s a good policy, therefore, to create a moving day to-do list. Things to include on the list consists of checking you’ve cleaned all the gunk out of your shower, packed a bag of personal supplies you can use when you reach your new property, and told your utility companies you’re moving out.

Tip #2: Find Somebody To Look After Your Children/Pets

Moving day can be disruptive. If you have young children or pets then it’s a good idea to find somebody to look after them both during the packing process and the move itself.

Tip #3: Find Out What Items You Need To Leave Behind

You might think that the person moving into your home expects various fixtures and fittings to remain on the wall, but that might not have been a part of the original deal. Owners have the right to make curtains and blinds (and other fittings like shower heads) with them when they move.

Tip #4: Prepare Food In Advance

On moving day, it’s unlikely that you’ll have regular use of the kitchen. All of your pots, pans, and food is probably packed away, awaiting transit. If so, don’t forget to prep some food in advance to keep you and your family going.

Tip #5: Charge Your Phone

Keep your phone on full battery so that if there are any last minute changes, you can coordinate a response effectively.

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