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The Science of Safely Moving Fragile Items: Insights from Experts

Making a move from one home to the next, no matter if it’s a local move in Haverford or a long-distance move to another state, requires packing up your fragile items for safe transport. One way to get the job done is to hire professional movers in Haverford to get the job done right and safely, but you may still prefer to handle your fragile items on your own for safety. Here’s a look at the scene of moving fragile items, and how to pack them to keep them safe and in one piece.

Properly Packaging Your Items

Fragile items have the highest odds of breaking when they’re dropped, and those odds increase greatly during transport. To prevent breakage, the right packing materials need to be used for the best possible protection. That means using packing peanuts, bubble wrap, wadded paper, and other cushioning materials to surround and support the object during transportation.

To properly protect a fragile object, it needs to be suspended within its container. Paintings have their frame corners protected, then wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed into a box or crate for transport. A vase is rolled into bubble wrap, then placed centrally in a box full of packing peanuts to prevent the sides from touching the box and coming into contact with other boxes or objects. Glassware is individually rolled into paper or bubble wrap, then wrapped further to prevent contact with other glassware.

All of these wrapping techniques require assessing each object individually, and then determining which type of packing method and materials are best. The goal is to create a cushion that holds the item in place while it’s being transported and protects it from coming into contact with other objects that can cause damage.

Using the Best Possible Packing Materials

You want to use the best packing material for the job, and there are quite a few available options. Out of all of them, bubble wrap is a great option to cushion and protect your fragile items. It molds around the object with ease and can be secured with a small piece of tape. Once the bubble wrap is in place, the air bubbles provide a protective layer between the object and other items.

Styrofoam is another quality packing material. It comes in sheets, peanuts, or blocks and can be combined with bubble wrap and other packing materials to provide your object with solid, yet lightweight protection. Styrofoam packing peanuts are used to surround the object and suspend it in the center of the box while protecting it from impact.

Staying Safe in Transit 

When loading fragile items into the moving truck, our professionals will place them against the truck’s walls in stable stacks. We secure items with straps and other equipment to reduce the risk of breakage caused by bumps, turns, and shifting on the road. Our team drives with caution, careful to avoid sudden stops or sharp turns.


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