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June 5, 20190

If you’re moving house, what packing materials do you need? Let’s take a look!

Packing Material #1: Boxes

First thing’s first: if you’re moving home, you need boxes. You can grab boxes from your local superstore, but it’s almost always better to use purpose-made boxes that can accommodate all of the heavy items that you may need to transport. Buying boxes in bulk often lowers the cost of each unit.

Packing Material #2: Tape

While boxes might have cardboard clasps to close them, there’s no substitute for tape. Tape shut boxes to add strength and prevent any items from falling out.

Packing Material #3: Bubblewrap

If you’re transporting any fragile or delicate items, bubble wrap is a must — place bubble wrap around the outside in layers, as well as any internal spaces.

Packing Material #4: Permanent Marker

If you’re transporting many items from one property to another, you’ll need to pack a lot of boxes. But have you thought about how you’ll work out where everything should go once you reach your new home?  You could open each box individually, look inside, and then take it to the appropriate room, but it’s better to use a permanent marker to write “kitchen” or “bedroom” on the side of each box so that you can take it to the right place quickly.

Packing Material #5: Picture Cartons

You could bubble wrap paintings and other things in frames, but it’s best to put them in purpose-made picture cartons to keep them safe and secure during transit.

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