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February 15, 20190

moving professionalsAs moving professionals, we’ve moved a lot of furniture and essential pieces of your residential home. Moving pads are an absolute must for protecting your belongings both during transit and during the packing/unpacking phase of your move. We’ve put together a short list of some more unconventional uses for moving pads.

  1. They make for a great all purpose outdoor blanket!

Moving pads serve perfectly as a beach blanket because they’re lightweight yet they provide a ton of padding between you and the ground. Whether you take it to the beach or the park, a moving blanket will help you set up your space nicely and with a ton of comfort. They’re also great for camping because they provide a lot of insulation from you and ground when placed underneath your tent.

  1. Perfect for storage.

Moving blankets work perfectly for protecting larger items like a motorcycle or a billiards table. They are large enough to be draped over the object and provide a ton a padding to help protect your beloved belongings. Covering your items can protect them from damage, dust, mice, and more.

  1. Perfect for transporting your pets.

They can serve as the perfect barrier between your pet and your back seat. Moving blankets can easily cover your entire backseat which will protect it from possibly being scratched by your dog’s nails as well as helping to keep your dog from covering your seat with hair. The blanket can easily be pulled out once your done and this saves you from having to vacuum your car every time you take your furry friend with you.

  1. Great bed for your pets

So #3 really led perfectly into this one but if nothing else, your moving pad can serve as a comfortable bed for your pet that can be easily vacuumed or put away if need be. If your dog likes to spend a lot of time outside, you can use your durable moving blanket as an outdoor bed for them because it acts as a great insulator between your dog and the ground.

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