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January 16, 20190

professional moversOften times when we’re moving it’s not the fact that we’re moving all of our stuff to a new home. It’s that we have to say goodbye to our beloved neighbors down the street or become further away from our families. Whether you’re moving across town, the state, or the county, moving is scary and comes with a lot of mixed emotions. Here are a few tips on how to ease some of the anxiety by staying in touch with your loved ones.

Set Up Plans:

A good way to ease some of the distance anxiety is knowing that there will be a next time you see your friends or loved ones. Plan a day or event where you both know you’ll be free and able to enjoy each other’s company. Even if it’s far away it still gives you something to look forward to and takes away the empty feeling of not knowing when you’ll see your friends or loved ones again.

Embrace the Change:

Whether you were excited at the beginning of the process and the anxiety got in the way, or you’re slowly becoming more and more excited, embrace the change! Find things to get excited about with the new changes that are happening. Go exploring and find local attractions that interest you. Continue to discovering your new area whether it’s a cool new place to hike or a local restaurant that interests you.

Utilize Technology:

We live in a day and age where technology has made it so easy for us to stay connected no matter how far apart we may be from someone. Whether it’s a simply call, text message, or social media, technology gives us a ton of different convenient options on how we can stay connected with our loved ones.

See You Later, Not Goodbye

It may sound corny and it goes right along with number 1 but arrange plans to say see you later to your loved ones. Don’t move without a proper see you later which is a perfect time to set up plans with your loved ones. Technology allows us to stay connected and plans can be set up that way but I think every appreciates the comfort of setting up concrete plans face to face.

Although uprooting your life is not easy, these tips should help ease the anxiety of saying see you later to your loved ones and transitioning into your new life. Another thing you can do to ease the anxiety is hire professional movers to take care of the heavy lifting (literally) so that you can enjoy your time spent with loved ones leading up to your move. Call O’Malley’s Moving Service to see how we can help you make your move a less stressful process!

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