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March 19, 20190

moving furniture lansdale paMoving heavy furniture can seem like a scary task but there’s way to make your life a little bit easier. We just got to work smarter not harder! This is especially if you’re stuck moving things by yourself. Let me help you out and share some helpful little tricks you can utilize so that you’re not moving to your new place in a body cast.  

Empty Things Out First:

This may seem obvious but you’d be surprised! Often times we forget how much stuff is actually in our cabinets or dressers. It may seem like more work to empty everything out first but it’ll pay off in the long run and will save your back from getting sore or worse. Also, emptying everything out will ensure than nothing falls during your moving efforts and breaks.

Slide Don’t Lift:

Picking furniture up completely off the ground is going to be way harder than sliding it especially if you’re attempting to move this furniture by yourself. Save your back by sliding your furniture where you need it instead of hurting your back. The next couple of tips will help make this process even easier.

Push or Pull:

Sometimes it hard to get into a position where you can effectively push the furniture piece across the floor. Try pulling instead by placing your hands on both side of the furniture, squat down and walk backwards in a sitting position. We want our legs doing the work here not your back.


Furniture sliders are a simply yet super effective tool you can utilize to make your life a whole lot easier. Tilt the piece of furniture just enough to get a slider under each corner and boom there you have it. Now that your furniture is on sliders, it should be way easier to slide that bulky piece of furniture across the floor whether it’s tile or carpeting.

Towels and Cardboard:

For sliding heavy furniture across hardwood flooring you’ll want to opt for towels or cardboard under the corners to ensure that you don’t scratch your hardwood flooring while moving your furniture.

If you’re thinking this is a lot of work, that’s because it is! If you have a move that does include a lot of heavy lifting, you may want to consider calling your local professional moving service and take that burden off your shoulders (literally!). Your friends and your back will thank you.

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