Moving4 Tips to Avoid Wasting Food When Moving

May 23, 20190

Often time we don’t think about how much food gets wasted when we’re moving. We’re going to share some tips with you to help you waste less food while you’re relocating.

  1. Donate – don’t throw away: Set aside food that you are able to donate on you’re moving day instead of conveniently throwing out the food. This provides a positive benefit to society and its free to do! This way you can do a good deed that doesn’t cost anything as well as it’s less wasteful!
  2. Be mindful while food shopping leading up to your move – While you’re grocery shopping during the weeks leading up to your move, be mindful of how much food you’re buying. We recommend narrowing down your item selection as the moving date grows closer. This will help you to eliminate buying unnecessary items that could end up getting thrown out or spoiling during your moving process.
  3. Eat your perishables first – Perishable items are at the highest risk of spoiling during your moving process while your refrigerator and freezer are temporarily out of commission. Get creative with your recipes leading up to your move date so that you can eat as much of your perishable food as possible.
  4. Don’t forget about eating while moving – Moving is a lot of hard work so don’t forget to save yourself some food for moving day. This could mean meal prepping ahead of time and saving your meals in a cooler or asking for your fridge to be one of the last things packed up for relocation.

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