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November 24, 20180

professional moving companyUprooting your life and moving into your new home can obviously come with a great deal of stress. There is so much that has to be done and a lot to keep track of. Here are 5 things you can do before you move to reduce the amount of stress you feel on moving day.  

1. Submit A Change of Address

Often times we need to complete one small task which gives us momentum to start tackling the more daunting tasks ahead of us. Submitting a change of address is an easy thing to do. You can complete the form online or at your local post office. Contact any debt holders and accounts that use your address to let them know you’ll be relocating to a new address.

2. Sort and Toss

The reality is, not everything we own is a necessity in our lives. Don’t wait until moving day to decide what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. This may lead to feeling overwhelmed and possibly some regret for impulsively tossing out that gift you actually wanted. Give yourself a head start and begin looking through your stuff to see what you could thin out and what is absolutely necessary for you to keep.

3. Make Sure You Have Power

You don’t want to arrive at our new place just to realize you don’t have electricity. Make sure to set up your utilities ahead of time. Call your cable, electricity, internet, and other utility companies ahead of time so that you just have to focus on organizing your new home!

4. Discover Your Community

Make it a point ahead of time to learn about your community. Go for a drive and learn where things are relative to your new home. Discover where your public buildings are like the municipal building, public library, gym and recreation center, public parks, and more!

5. Take Time to Decompress

Planning way ahead may seem a little over the top but the more you spread of the process of organizing and planning your move, the better off you’ll be come moving day. If you plan far ahead you’ll be able to take time to decompress throughout your moving process. This will reduce stress and put your mind at ease knowing you’re right on pace with where you should be.

The physical aspect of moving shouldn’t be something that falls on your plate. Leave that up to us! It’s kind of what we do here at O’Malley Moving Services. Call 610-789-5201 for your free consultation today!

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