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December 10, 20180

local moving companiesThe feelings associated with moving may not really sink in until it’s time to pack up your room. Seeing your personal belongings in boxes may be when it hits too close to home for you (some pun intended). Here’s a little guide on how to help you have some strategy when packing up your personal belongings in your room so that you can leave some of the anxiety behind.

First things first is to pack up the supplies you’ll need to make this process go as smoothly as possible. What you’ll need is the following:

  • Large and sturdy boxes with flaps that can be folded or taped shut
  • Packing paper or packing peanuts to protect your valuables
  • Packing tape to seal those boxes shut
  • A marker to label what’s in your boxes for an organized unpacking process

How To Pack Your Bed:

Most likely your moving company will supply you with a special mattress carton to protect it from getting damaged or dirty during the move. They’ll also move the large furniture for you. Make sure to strip your bed of any sheets, blankets, pillows and anything else that makes up your bed. Fold these items and pack them away in a clothing basket or labeled box.

How To Pack Your Clothes:

To make this process as seamless as possible, leave clothes on their hangers and pack them in a wardrobe carton. Clothes that are already folded can be packed into labeled boxes. The label should specifically identify the clothing in the box. For example: “casual winter clothes” is more descriptive than “pants and shirts”. This will help you find the appropriate place for your clothes when you go to unpack in your new home.

How To Pack Books, Photos, and Loose Items

When you go to pack books make sure to place them in a box with the spine down. This will protect it from getting damaged during the move. Also, pack them in smaller boxes so they are less likely to get crushed. Protect photos in frames by wrapping the frames in something protective like a towel or bubble wrap. The more valuable the item, the smaller the box should be because smaller boxes naturally sit on top unlike their large box counterparts.

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